Theological Integration

STD706 Spring 2009

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Syllabus STD 706 Theological Integration.htm  Course Outline


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Outlines & TOCs

St. Bonaventure

   The Triple Way or Flame of Love  Outline: T_SB Incendium Amoris OL En.htm  Word doc Full Text: T_SB_Enkindling of Love3.htm Word doc

   Breviloquium  T_SB Brev TOC.htm  Word doc


St. Thomas Aquinas

   Summa Theologiae            T_ST Summa Contents OL3.htm Word doc

Virtues & Vices from the Summa T_ST_Virtues.htm


Traditional “Thomism” -- Tanquerey

   Brief Synopsis of Theology English       T_Tanquerey brev TOC English.htm

   Brief Synopsis of Theology Latin           T_tanquerey brev TOC Latin.htm

   Fundamental Theology Latin      T_Tanquerey FT TOC Latin.htm

   Tanquerey – Biographical note   T_Tanquerey bio.htm



Stephen Barr: Modern Physics, Ancient Faith

   Table of Contents, first chapter, conclusion        T_Barr_ModernPhysicsAncientFaith1.htm

   Appendix on Creation, Gen 1, John 1       T_Barr_MPAF_Creation.htm

   How Godel proved the Incompleteness Theorem           T_Barr_MPAF_Godel.htm

Feynman, The Meaning of it All T_Feynman - Meaning2.htm
Wisdom and Atheism T_Wisdom - Two Atheists.htm
Boettcher      T_Theology - Global Picture6.htm Word doc T_Theology - Global Picture6.doc

   Fundamental Theology     T_Rahner_FT.htm

   Theological Investigations           T_Rahner TI.htm



Questions of Logic   T_FT Logic.doc

Scripture Interpretation, Application, Integration


Jesus, varia John 1:18, Mat 5
St. Paul, Romans 9-11.
St. Irenaeus, Adversus Haereses T_StIrnAH En WT.htm T_SIrnAH En WT.doc
St. Athanasius, Contra Arianos T_StAthContraArianos2EnWT.htm T_StAthContraArianos2EnWT.doc
St. Augustine, Inchiridion T_StAug_Inchiridion.htm T_StAug_Inchiridion.doc
St. Augustine, On Christian Doctrine S_StAug On Christian Doctrine.doc
St. Bonaventure, Commentary on John S_SB_John13-16.doc
St. Thomas Aquinas, Commentary on John (the Prologue) S_ST_JohnPrologue.htm
St. Catherine of Siena, The Dialogue/Divine Providence T_StCatherine of Siena dialog2.htm T_StCatherine of Siena dialog2.0.rtf