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Daily Prayer to the Trinity

Prayers before and after praying the Breviary English and Latin


Open, Lord, my mouth to blessing your holy name,
cleanse my heart from every vain, perverse, and strange thinking;
illuminate my intellect, inflame my affection, that worthily, attentively and devoutly I may recite this Office,
and merit to be heard before your the countenance of your divine Majesty. Through Christ our Lord. Amen

Lord, in union with that divine intention with which You on earth rendered praises to God, this Hour I render to You..

Our Father... Hail Mary...


To the most holy and indivisible Trinity,
the crucified humanity of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the fertile integrity of the most beatific and most glorious ever Virgin Mary,
and community of all the Saints,
be eternal praise, honor, virtue and glory from every creature,
to us the remission of all sins,
for infinite ages of ages.  R. Amen

Our Father... Hail Mary...

Prayer before the Crucifix, St. Francis of Assisi

Most High, glorious Lord,
Illuminate the darkness of my heart
and give me right faith, certain hope, perfect charity and deep humility,
sensibility and personal knowledge, Lord,
that I may do your true and holy commandment.

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SPIRITUAL DIALOGUE - BETWEEN THE SOUL, THE BODY, SELF-LOVE St. Catherine of Genoa. An amazing reflection on our spiritual difficulties with the flesh, and conversion.

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Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit

7 Days of Creation (Hexaemeron)

Breviloquium (very brief summary of Theolgy)