Prayer to the Holy Trinity


Father, I turn myself over to your care;

  let your perfect plan for me be fulfilled.

  Let my will be in union with yours, that I may please you in everything.

  Our Father…


Lord Jesus, shine your light into me, into every part of my being,

  that I may not remain in darkness, but have the Light of Life,

  and that I may come to truly know myself in the light of your grace.

Lord, shine out of me, that all might know the light of your presence.

Let your precious Blood cleanse me of all my sins and vices,

  and strengthen me in virtue and holiness.

Wash my heart clean and make like yours:

  tender and full of love, meek and humble.

By the merits of your Passion, Death and Resurrection

  may I be dead to sin and alive for you.

Let your mercy, your life, your healing overflow in me.

Let your word be on my mind that I may be always thinking about you

  on my lips, that I may speak about you,

  and in my heart that I may love you.

Send me out in your service, to proclaim salvation in your name.


Holy Spirit, stir me to love using the gifts you have given me,

  for your glory, for my brothers’ and sisters’ sanctification,

  and restrain me from what might bring harm.

Holy Spirit, help me to pray, sanctify me, and sustain my spirit.


I renounce the world, and all the allurements of the adversary

I submit my flesh, mind, body and soul to Jesus Christ, true God and true man.


Most Holy Trinity, glory be to you!