NT Headings


Mat 1:1†††††† Genealogy of Christ

Mat 1:18†††† Joseph Decides Not to Divorce Mary

Mat 1:25†††† Birth of Christ

Mat 2:1†††††† Magi

Mat 2:13†††† Flight to Egypt.Massacre of Innocents.

Mat 2:19†††† Settling in Nazareth.

Mat 3:1†††††† John the Baptist Appears

Mat 3:13†††† Baptism of Christ

Mat 4:1†††††† Temptation

Mat 4:13†††† Christ Settles in Capernaum, Preaching Repentence

Mat 4:18†††† Calling of Fishermen

Mat 4:23†††† Preaching Tour of Galilee Synagogues

Mat 5:1†††††† Sermon on the Mount

Mat 5:3†††††† Beatitudes

Mat 5:13†††† You Are Salt and Light

Mat 5:17†††† the Law- Fulfillment, Not Abolition.

Mat 5:21†††† Evil of Anger, Harsh Language, Arrogance

Mat 5:23†††† Active Reconciliation

Mat 5:27†††† Purity

Mat 5:33†††† Simplicity of Speech

Mat 5:38†††† Meekness in the Face of Evil. Loving Enemies

Mat 6:1†††††† Secret Good Deeds and Prayer

Mat 6:7†††††† Our Father: Prayer Simple and Personal

Mat 6:14†††† Forgiving in Prayer

Mat 6:16†††† Fasting

Mat 6:19†††† Treasure in Heaven. Seek Godís Reign and Justice.

Mat 7:1†††††† Stop Judging

Mat 7:7†††††† Ask, Seek, Knock

Mat 7:12†††† Golden Rule

Mat 7:13†††† Narrow Gate

Mat 7:15†††† False Prophets

Mat 7:24†††† House on Rock Or Sand

Mat 7:28†††† Great Crowds Amazed at Authority of Teaching

Mat 8:2†††††† Leperís Healing

Mat 8:5†††††† Centurionís Faith, Healing of Servant

Mat 8:14†††† Peterís Mother-in-Law Healed

Mat 8:16†††† all Healed by Christ

Mat 8:19†††† Discipleship: Austerity and Detachment

Mat 8:23†††† Storm Stilled

Mat 8:28†††† Legion of Demons Cast out

Mat 9:2†††††† Paralytic Forgiven and Healed

Mat 9:9†††††† Matthew Called.Mercy Not Sacrifice.

Mat 9:14†††† Johnís Disciples.Fasting After Wedding, New Wine.

Mat 9:18†††† Bleeding Woman Healed. Girl Raised From Dead.

Mat 9:27†††† Two Blind Menís Eyes Opened

Mat 9:32†††† Demon of Muteness Cast out. Christ Accused of Complicity with Devil I.

Mat 9:35†††† Preaching in all the Towns

Mat 9:36†††† Compassion ĎLike Sheep Without a Shepherd.í Prayer for Laborers.

Mat 10:1†††† Mission, Authority and Power Given the Twelve

Mat 10:32†† Acknowledging Or Denying Christ

Mat 10:34†† Standard of Division: Love Him, Deny Self, Take Up Cross.

Mat 11:2†††† Johnís Disciples: Is Jesus the Messiah?

Mat 11:16†† This Evil Generation

Mat 11:25†† Hidden From Wise, Revealed to Childlike.

Mat 11:28†† íCome to Me, all Who Laborí

Mat 12:1†††† íMercy, Not Sacrifice.í Lord of the Sabbath.

Mat 12:10†† Healing in Synagogue Ė Withered Hand

Mat 12:17†† Isaiahís Word of the Hidden Messiah

Mat 12:22†† Demon of Muteness Cast out. Christ Accused of Complicity with Devil II.

Mat 12:38†† Sign Reqested

Mat 12:43†† Spirit Leaves, Returns with Seven Others

Mat 12:47†† Christís Mother and Brothers

Mat 13:1†††† the Sower.

Mat 13:10†† Parables for the Dull.

Mat 13:18†† the Sower Explained

Mat 13:24†† Weeds and Wheat

Mat 13:31†† Mustard Seed

Mat 13:36†† Weeds and Wheat Explained

Mat 13:44†† the Kingdom a Treasure, Pearl, Dragnet

Mat 13:51†† Scholars Informed About the Kingdom Bring out New and Old

Mat 13:54†† Bad Reception in Nazareth

Mat 14:1†††† Herod, Jesus, and John the Baptist

Mat 14:14†† Five Loaves and Two Fish for 5000+

Mat 14:22†† Jesus Walking on the Sea

Mat 14:34†† Healings. Cleanliness, Tradition and Hypocrisy.

Mat 15:21†† Canaanite Woman with Great Faith.

Mat 15:29†† 7 Loaves Feed 4000+

Mat 15:39†† Sign Requested by Pharisees, Different Sign Promised by Jesus.

Mat 16:5†††† Leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees = Teaching

Mat 16:13†† Who the Son of Man Is: Jesus, Messiah, Son of God

Mat 16:18†† Peter Declared Rock

Mat 16:20†† Jesus Foretells the Passion, Peter Denies It.

Mat 16:24†† Deny Self, Take Up the Cross, Follow Jesus

Mat 17:1†††† Transfiguration

Mat 17:14†† Faith and Power to Expel Evil

Mat 17:22†† the Passion Again Foretold

Mat 17:24†† Temple Tax, a Fish and a Coin.

Mat 18:1†††† Greatest in the Kingdom: Humble As a Child. Scandals.

Mat 18:12†† 100 Sheep, One Stray.

Mat 18:15†† How to Correct Another

Mat 18:18†† Agreement and Power in Prayer; Christ Present.

Mat 18:21†† 77 Times. Ungrateful and Unforgiving Debtor.

Mat 19:1†††† Marriage: What God Has Joined Together.

Mat 19:13†† Let the Children Come to Me.

Mat 19:16†† Eternal Life, the Commandments, and Perfection.

Mat 20:1†††† Vineyard Workers Hired all Day, Paid the Same.

Mat 20:17†† the Passion Foretold

Mat 20:20†† James and John Try for First Seats; But Christ Came to Serve & Give His Life.

Mat 20:29†† Two Blind Men at Jericho

Mat 21:1†††† Palm Procession Into Jerusalem

Mat 21:18†† a Fig Tree Cursed. Faith in Prayer.

Mat 21:23†† Authority of Jesus and John Questioned

Mat 21:28†† 2 Sons, One Was Disobedient But Changed His Mind.

Mat 21:33†† Vicious Vinegrowers

Mat 22:1†††† Wedding Invitations Refused, Others Invited.

Mat 22:15†† Render to Caesar, and to God

Mat 22:23†† Resurrection and a Widow of 7 Husbands

Mat 22:34†† the Greatest 2 Commandments: Love God and Neighbor

Mat 22:41†† Davidís Son the Messiah

Mat 23:1†††† Obey But Do Not Follow the Example of Pharisees. Humility.

Mat 23:13†† Woe to Religious Hypocrites

Mat 23:37†† Grief for the Disaster Coming to Jerusalem

Mat 24:42†† Vigilant Servants

Mat 25:1†††† Ten Virgins, Wise Or Foolish.

Mat 25:14†† Talents

Mat 25:31†† Sheep and Goats Separated: You Did It to Me.

Mat 26:1†††† the Passion Foretold

Mat 26:6†††† Anointing at Bethany

Mat 26:14†† Judas Betrays Jesus.

Mat 26:17†† Passover

Mat 26:30†† the Passion

Mat 26:45†† Betrayal

Mat 26:57†† Trial Before the High Priest

Mat 26:69†† Peter Denies Him

Mat 27:1†††† Trial Before Pilate

Mat 27:26†† Crucifixion

Mat 28:1†††† Resurrection

Mar 1:2†††††† John the Baptist

Mar 1:9†††††† Jesus Baptized, Tempted & Proven

Mar 1:14†††† Jesus Evangelizing, the Kingdom and Repentance.

Mar 1:16†††† Fishermen Caught

Mar 1:23†††† Teaching with Authority: Unclean Spirit Cast out in Synagogue

Mar 1:29†††† Simonís Mother-in-Law Healed, and Serves.

Mar 1:32†††† Healing Crowds at Peterís House

Mar 1:35†††† Praying Early, Leaving to Preach.

Mar 1:40†††† Leper Healed.

Mar 2:1†††††† Crowds at Peterís House, Paralytic Through Roof.

Mar 2:13†††† Levi Called. Criticisms About Company, Eating, Working.

Mar 3:1†††††† Sabbath: Doing Good, Saving Life. Healing a Hand.

Mar 3:8†††††† Crowds and Intensive Minstry

Mar 3:13†††† 12 Apostles Chosen.

Mar 3:21†††† Jesus Thought Crazy Or Possessed

Mar 3:31†††† Mother, Brother and Sister: Whoever Does Godís Will.

Mar 4:1†††††† Sower

Mar 4:21†††† Lamp Set out to Shine.

Mar 4:23†††† Take Care to Hear; More Will Be Given

Mar 4:26†††† Kingdom Like Seed Growing

Mar 4:30†††† Kingdom Like Mustard Seed

Mar 4:35†††† Storm Ordered Calm

Mar 5:1†††††† Legion of Demons Ousted

Mar 5:21†††† Jairusí Daughter Brought Back; a Womanís Bleeding Stopped.

Mar 6:1†††††† Nazareth Takes Offense at Him

Mar 6:7†††††† Mission of the 12

Mar 6:14†††† Herod, Jesus, and John the Baptist

Mar 6:30†††† Attempt at Rest, Pity for the Crowds

Mar 6:35†††† Five Loaves and Two Fish for 5000+

Mar 6:45†††† Walking on the Sea

Mar 6:53†††† Crowds Bring the Sick for Healing.

Mar 7:1†††††† Tradition, Cleanliness, and Godís Command

Mar 7:24†††† Gentile Womanís Faith Brings Health to Daughter

Mar 7:31†††† Deaf-Mute Healed with ďEphphathaĒ

Mar 8:1†††††† 7 Loaves Feed 4000+

Mar 8:11†††† Sign Sought by Pharisees, Sign Refused by Jesus

Mar 8:13†††† Leaven of the Pharisees and Herod

Mar 8:22†††† Blind Man Healed in 2 Stages

Mar 8:27†††† Who Do You Say That I Am?

Mar 8:31†††† Jesus Foretells the Passion, Peter Denies It.

Mar 8:34†††† Deny Self, Take Up the Cross, Follow.

Mar 9:2†††††† Transfiguration

Mar 9:14†††† Faith, Prayer and the Power to Expel Evil. Boy Delivered.

Mar 9:30†††† Passion Foretold

Mar 9:33†††† Whoever Wants to Be First Must Be Servant of all

Mar 9:38†††† Whoever Is Not Against Us Is for Us

Mar 9:42†††† Scandal, Sin and Its Consequences

Mar 10:1†††† Marriage: What God Has Joined

Mar 10:13†† Children and the Kingdom

Mar 10:17†† Sell What You Have, Give to the Poor, Follow Me

Mar 10:32†† Passion Foretold

Mar 10:35†† James & John Ask for Glory; First Must Be Slave of all.

Mar 10:46†† Blind Bartimaeus Sees and Follows

Mar 11:1†††† Palm Procession Into Jerusalem

Mar 11:12†† Fig Cursed

Mar 11:15†† Temple Cleared

Mar 11:20†† Fig Withered; Power of Faith with Forgiveness..

Mar 11:27†† Authority of Jesus and John in Question

Mar 12:1†††† Vicious Vine Growers

Mar 12:13†† Render to Caesar, and to God

Mar 12:18†† Resurrection and a Widow of 7 Husbands

Mar 12:28†† Love God and Neighbor - the Greatest 2 Commandments

Mar 12:35†† Davidís Son the Messiah

Mar 12:38†† Beware of Scholars

Mar 12:41†† Widowís Mite

Mar 13:1†††† Disaster and Persecution Foretold

Mar 13:24†† Second Coming of the Messiah

Mar 14:1†††† Passover

Mar 14:3†††† Anointing at Bethany

Mar 14:10†† Judas Turns Traitor

Mar 14:12†† Last Supper

Mar 14:26†† Gethsemane

Mar 14:41†† Betrayal

Mar 14:53†† Trial Before the High Priest

Mar 14:66†† Peter Denies Him

Mar 15:1†††† Trial Before Pilate

Mar 15:15†† Crucifixion

Mar 16:1†††† Resurrection

Mar 16:14†† Disciples Rebuked for Unbelief, Sent to Evangelize.

Luk 1:1††††††† Certainty of This Teaching

Luk 1:5††††††† John the Baptist Announced to Zechariah

Luk 1:26††††† Annunciation

Luk 1:39††††† Visitation

Luk 1:46††††† Magnificat

Luk 1:57††††† John Born

Luk 1:67††††† Benedictus

Luk 2:1††††††† Nativity

Luk 2:8††††††† Shepherds Find Jesus

Luk 2:22††††† Presentation

Luk 2:29††††† Nunc Dimittis

Luk 2:39††††† Settling at Nazareth

Luk 2:41††††† the Boy Jesus in the Temple with Scholars

Luk 2:51††††† Jesus Obedient, Advancing in Wisdom and Favor

Luk 3:1††††††† John the Baptistís Ministry

Luk 3:21††††† Baptism of Jesus

Luk 3:23††††† Genealogy of Jesus

Luk 4:1††††††† Temptation

Luk 4:14††††† Beginning of Jesusí Ministry

Luk 4:16††††† Isaiah 61 at Nazareth

Luk 4:31††††† Capernaum: a Word with Power

Luk 4:38††††† Healing Peterís Mother-in-Law

Luk 4:42††††† Praying Early; Resisting Detainment

Luk 5:1††††††† Preaching From a Boat

Luk 5:4††††††† Fishermen Caught

Luk 5:12††††† Leper and Others Healed by the Power of the Lord

Luk 5:18††††† Paralytic Lowered Through Roof

Luk 5:33††††† Fasting Ė After the Groom Has Left

Luk 5:36††††† New Cloak, New Wineskin

Luk 6:1††††††† Eating Grain on Sabbath, Accused of Lawbreaking

Luk 6:6††††††† Healing on Sabbath

Luk 6:12††††† Praying all Night, Calling the Twelve

Luk 6:20††††† Beatitudes

Luk 6:31††††† Golden Rule

Luk 6:37††††† Stop Judging

Luk 6:38††††† Generosity

Luk 6:39††††† the Blind Leading the Blind

Luk 6:41††††† the Splinter and the Beam

Luk 6:43††††† Trees Good and Bad

Luk 6:46††††† Listening and Acting Ė Houses on Rock Or Sand

Luk 7:1††††††† Centurion

Luk 7:11††††† Nain

Luk 7:18††††† Johnís Disciples:Are You the One?

Luk 7:31††††† Children in the Marketplace

Luk 7:36††††† Tears Wash the Feet of Jesus: Much Forgiveness = Much Love

Luk 8:1††††††† Companions on the Journey to Preach

Luk 8:4††††††† the Sower

Luk 8:16††††† No Lamp Concealed

Luk 8:18††††† Who Has, MoreWill Be Given

Luk 8:20††††† Mother and Brother: Those Who Hear the Word and Act

Luk 8:22††††† a Storm Calmed with a Word.

Luk 8:26††††† Legion

Luk 8:40††††† Jairus

Luk 9:1††††††† Mission of the 12

Luk 9:12††††† Multiplication of the Loaves

Luk 9:18††††† Who Do You Say That I Am?

Luk 9:22††††† the Passion Foretold I

Luk 9:23††††† Take Up the Cross Daily

Luk 9:28††††† Transfiguration

Luk 9:37††††† Convulsive Spirit Expelled by Jesus After Disciples Fail

Luk 9:44††††† the Passion Foretold II

Luk 9:46††††† Who Is the Greatest

Luk 9:51††††† Resolved to Go to Jerusalem

Luk 9:57††††† Foxes Have Dens...Setting Hand to the PlowÖ

Luk 10:1††††† Mission of the 72

Luk 10:13††† Woe to Cities Who Failed to Respond

Luk 10:17††† Rejoicing After the Mission of the 72

Luk 10:21††† Praise to the Father for the Revelation

Luk 10:25††† the Good Samaritan

Luk 10:38††† Martha and Mary

Luk 11:1††††† the Our Father

Luk 11:5††††† Praying with Perseverance.God Like a Neighbor in Bed.

Luk 11:9††††† Ask and You Will Receive

Luk 11:14††† Beezebul and a Kingdom Divided

Luk 11:23††† Whoever Is Not with Me Is Against Me

Luk 11:24††† the Unclean Spirit Who Brings Back 7 Others

Luk 11:27††† Blessed Those Who Hear the Word of God and Keep It

Luk 11:29††† No Sign But the Sign of Jonah

Luk 11:33††† No Lamp Hidden; the Eye Is a Lamp

Luk 11:37††† Rebuke to Pharisees:Cleanliness, Tithes, Honor, Law

Luk 12:1††††† Fear of Hypocrisy, Hell

Luk 12:8††††† Acknowledging Christ, One Will Be Acknowledged Before the Angels

Luk 12:10††† Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit

Luk 12:11††† Giving Witness

Luk 12:13††† Avoid Greed.the Rich Fool

Luk 12:22††† Do Not Worry.Seek First the Kingdom.

Luk 12:33††† Treasure and Heart

Luk 12:35††† Servants Ready

Luk 12:51††† Not Peace But a Sword

Luk 12:54††† Signs of the Time

Luk 12:57††† Settle Before Judgement

Luk 13:1††††† Repentence and Disasters

Luk 13:6††††† Fruitless Fig Fertilized

Luk 13:10††† Crippled Woman Healed

Luk 13:18††† Mustard Seed.Yeast.

Luk 13:23††† the Narrow and Wide Gates

Luk 13:31††† Herod the Fox

Luk 13:34††† As a Hen Gathers Her Brood

Luk 14:1††††† Sabbath Healing Like Saving a Son Or Animal in a Cistern

Luk 14:7††††† Taking the Last Place at Table

Luk 14:15††† the Banquet Invitation Refused, Others Invited

Luk 14:25††† Discipleship Ė Leaving Family and Possessions.the Tower and War.

Luk 14:34††† Insipid Salt Thrown out

Luk 15:1††††† Lost Sheep

Luk 15:8††††† Lost Coin

Luk 15:11††† Lost Son

Luk 16:1††††† Corrupt and Crafty Steward

Luk 16:9††††† Make Friends with Wealth, Be Trustworthy

Luk 16:13††† God and Mammon

Luk 16:18††† Divorce Is Adultery

Luk 16:19††† Lazarus and the Rich Man

Luk 17:1††††† Woe to Those Who Cause Sin

Luk 17:3††††† Forgiving Seven Times a Day

Luk 17:5††††† Faith Like a Mustard Seed

Luk 17:7††††† Unprofitable Servants

Luk 17:11††† Ten Lepers, One Grateful

Luk 17:20††† the Kingdom Comes Unobserved

Luk 18:1††††† Prayer Like a Widow with An Unjust Judge

Luk 18:9††††† Prayer of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector

Luk 18:15††† Let the Children Come to Me

Luk 18:18††† Sell all That You Have and Give to the Poor.

Luk 18:31††† the Passion Foretold III

Luk 18:35††† Blind Man of Jericho

Luk 19:1††††† Zacchaeus

Luk 19:11††† Ten Gold Coins

Luk 19:29††† Hosanna!

Luk 19:41††† Jesus Weeps Over Jerusalem

Luk 19:45††† Clearing the Temple

Luk 20:1††††† by Whose Authority?

Luk 20:9††††† the Vineyard with Bad Tenants

Luk 20:17††† the Stone Rejected by the Builders

Luk 20:20††† Render to Caesar and to God

Luk 20:27††† Marriage and the Resurrection

Luk 20:41††† the Messiah Son Yet Lord of David

Luk 20:45††† Beware of the Scribes Who Seek Honor

Luk 21:1††††† Generosity in Two Small Coins

Luk 21:5††††† Temple Destruction Foretold

Luk 21:12††† Persecution Coming

Luk 21:34††† Drowsiness and Anxiety - Beware!

Luk 21:37††† Teaching in the Temple by Day, Mount of Olives by Night

Luk 22:1††††† Passover Near and Judas Plans to Betray Jesus

Luk 22:7††††† Preparations for the Passover

Luk 22:14††† the Last Supper

Luk 22:24††† Who Is Greatest?the One Who Serves

Luk 22:31††† Peterís Failure Foretold

Luk 22:35††† Sufficiency and the Sword

Luk 22:39††† Gethsemane

Luk 22:54††† Trial Before the High Priest.Peter Fails.

Luk 22:66††† Trial Before the Sanhedrin

Luk 23:1††††† Trial Before Pilate

Luk 23:8††††† Trial Before Herod

Luk 23:13††† Pilate Moves to Release Jesus

Luk 23:23††† Jesus Condemned

Luk 23:26††† Simon of Cyrene

Luk 23:27††† Daughters of Jerusalem

Luk 23:33††† Crucified

Luk 23:39††† the Good Thief

Luk 23:44††† Jesus Dies

Luk 23:50††† Burying Jesus

Luk 24:1††††† at the Tomb

Luk 24:9††††† Resurrection Announced to the Disciples

Luk 24:13††† Emmaus

Luk 24:36††† Christ Risen Visits the Upper Room

Luk 24:50††† Ascension

Joh 1:1††††††† the Word

Joh 1:19††††† Johnís Testimony

Joh 1:35††††† First Disciples

Joh 2:1††††††† Cana Wedding

Joh 2:13††††† Clearing the Temple of Stone, Raising the Temple of His Body

Joh 3:1††††††† Nicodemus

Joh 3:22††††† Jesusí Baptism Contrasted with Johnís

Joh 4:4††††††† Woman at the Well

Joh 4:43††††† Cana Revisited

Joh 4:46††††† Healing of Royal Officialís Son

Joh 5:1††††††† Bethesda Healing in Jerusalem

Joh 5:17††††† Son of the Father, God

Joh 5:31††††† Greater Testimony Than Johnís

Joh 6:1††††††† Galilee. Miracle of the Loaves and Fish

Joh 6:16††††† Walking on the Sea

Joh 6:22††††† Bread of Life

Joh 6:60††††† Fallout

Joh 7:1††††††† in Galilee, Delay Going Up to Judea

Joh 7:14††††† Teaching in the Temple at Tabernacles

Joh 8:2††††††† Woman Caught in Adultery

Joh 8:12††††† Light of the World

Joh 8:31††††† Free in the Truth, Children of Abraham

Joh 9:1††††††† Blind Man Healed at Siloam

Joh 10:1††††† Good Shepherd

Joh 10:30††† íthe Father and I Are One.í

Joh 11:1††††† Lazarus Raised

Joh 11:46††† Leaders Plan to Kill Jesus. Caiphasí Prophecy.

Joh 12:1††††† Anointing at Bethany

Joh 12:12††† Palm Procession Into Jerusalem

Joh 12:20††† the Hour of Glory, As a Grain of Wheat.

Joh 12:35††† íWalk While You Have the Lightí

Joh 13:1††††† Last Supper.Washing Feet.

Joh 13:18††† Betrayal

Joh 13:31††† Now Begins the Glory

Joh 13:34††† New Commandment: Love One Another.

Joh 13:36††† Peter to Betray Jesus

Joh 14:1††††† I Go to Prepare a Place for You

Joh 15:18††† Hatred From the World

Joh 16:16††† You Will Not See Me [for a Time.]

Joh 16:28††† Jesusí Return to the Father

Joh 17:1††††† Priestly Prayer of Jesus

Joh 18:1††††† Gethsemane

Joh 18:13††† Trial Before Annas

Joh 18:15††† Peterís First Denial

Joh 18:24††† Trial Before Caiaphas

Joh 18:28††† Trial Before Pilate

Joh 19:1††††† Jesus Scourged, Crowned and Mocked

Joh 19:7††††† Pilateís Fear and Power

Joh 19:13††† Judgment Seat

Joh 19:16††† Crucified

Joh 19:26††† Mary and John at the Cross

Joh 19:28††† Jesusí Death

Joh 19:33††† Blood and Water From Jesusí Side

Joh 19:38††† Joseph and Nicodemus Bury Jesus

Joh 20:1††††† Mary Magdalene at the Empty Tomb

Joh 20:3††††† Peter and John at the Empty Tomb

Joh 20:11††† Mary Magdalene Meets Jesus Risen

Joh 20:19††† Jesus Risen Visits the Upper Room

Joh 20:22††† Jesus Risen Gives the Holy Spirit

Joh 20:24††† Thomas Doubts, Then Believes

Joh 20:30††† This Book Written for Belief and Life

Joh 21:1††††† Jesus Risen at the Sea of Tiberias

Joh 21:15††† Jesus Risen to Peter:ĎFeed My Sheep.í

Act 1:1††††††† Christ Risen Teaches

Act 1:4††††††† Holy Spirit Promised

Act 1:9††††††† Ascension

Act 1:12††††† Apostles Form Prayer Community in Upper Room

Act 1:15††††† Matthias Replaces Judas

Act 2:1††††††† Pentecost

Act 2:14††††† Peter Preaches at Pentecost

Act 2:37††††† Believers Baptized at Pentecost

Act 2:42††††† Teaching, Community, Eucharist, Prayer

Act 3:1††††††† Cripple Healed by Peter and John

Act 3:11††††† Peterís Apologetic About Healing in Temple

Act 4:1††††††† Sadducees Arrest Peter and John

Act 4:5††††††† Sanhedrin Hearing

Act 4:11††††† Christ Cornerstone, Only Savior

Act 4:18††††† Peter and John Ordered to Silence

Act 4:23††††† Prayer for Boldness to Speak the Word

Act 4:32††††† One in Heart, Mind, and Goods

Act 5:1††††††† Sin of Pretended Generosity

Act 5:12††††† Signs, Wonders and Healings

Act 5:17††††† Sadducees Arrest Apostles; Released by Angel

Act 5:26††††† Peter Preaches to Sanhedrin

Act 5:34††††† Gamaliel Advises Moderation

Act 5:40††††† Apostles Flogged, Return Rejoicing

Act 6:1††††††† Ordination of Deacons

Act 6:7††††††† the Word Spreads. Priests Converted.

Act 6:8††††††† Stephenís Martyrdom

Act 8:1††††††† Persecution and Spread of the Church

Act 8:5††††††† Philip Evangelizes Samaria

Act 8:9††††††† Simon Magus

Act 8:26††††† Philip Baptizes An Ethiopian

Act 9:1††††††† Saul Encounters Christ

Act 9:10††††† Saul Healed, Filled with Holy Spirit, Baptized

Act 9:20††††† Saul Preaches at Once in Damascus

Act 9:26††††† Saul Preaches in Jerusalem

Act 9:30††††† the Church Built Up in Peace

Act 9:32††††† Peter Heals Paralytic at Joppa

Act 9:36††††† Peter Raises Tabitha

Act 10:1††††† Cornelius

Act 10:9††††† Peterís Vision and Mission

Act 10:34††† Peter Evangelizes Cornelius; Holy Spirit Falls; Baptism.

Act 11:1††††† Peter and Gentiles: Confrontation with Jewish Christians

Act 11:19††† Barnabas to Antioch Church

Act 11:27††† Prophecy of Famine

Act 12:1††††† Herod Executes James, Arrests Peter

Act 12:5††††† Peter Freed by Angel

Act 12:18††† Herodís Vengeance and Death

Act 12:24††† Word of God Spreading and Growing

Act 13:1††††† Saul & Barnabas Sent From Antioch

Act 13:4††††† Cyprus. Jewish False Prophet.

Act 13:13††† Paul Preaches Salvation History in Pisidian Synagogue

Act 13:38††† Offer of Forgiveness and Justification; Well Received.

Act 13:44††† Jews Jealous; Gentiles Delighted; Apostles Rejoiced.

Act 14:1††††† Ferment in Iconium

Act 14:8††††† Cripple Healed at Lystra; Paul Worshipped, Then Stoned.

Act 14:21††† Return to Antioch

Act 15:1††††† Council of Jerusalem. Circumcision and Law.

Act 15:36††† Separation Over Mark

Act 15:40††† Paul Travels with Silas, Meets Timothy.

Act 16:4††††† Catechesis and Growth of Church

Act 16:11††† We Sailed to Philippi

Act 16:13††† Lydia Baptized with Household

Act 16:16††† Girl with Oracular Spirit Exorcized

Act 16:19††† Paul in and out of Prison.

Act 17:1††††† Thessalonica

Act 17:10††† Beroea

Act 17:16††† Athens, Areopagus

Act 18:1††††† Corinth for a Year and a Half

Act 18:19††† Ephesus

Act 19:1††††† Johnís Disciples Baptized at Ephesus

Act 19:13††† Jewish Exorcists Overpowered

Act 19:18††† Occult Renounced

Act 19:23††† Silversmiths Riot at Ephesus

Act 20:1††††† Macedonia, Greece, Troas

Act 20:7††††† Dead Boy Raised

Act 20:13††† Miletus, Farewell to Ephesian Presbyters

Act 20:22††† Paulís Drive to Jerusalem, to Imprisonment.

Act 20:28††† Exhortation to Presbyters

Act 21:1††††† Cos, Rhodes, Patara, Tyre

Act 21:8††††† Caesarea. Agabus & the Belt.

Act 21:15††† Jerusalem.

Act 21:20††† Failed Attempt to Showcase Paulís Jewishness.

Act 21:31††† in Custody of Romans at Jerusalem

Act 21:40††† Paulís Personal Testimony

Act 22:22††† Rejection & Violence

Act 22:30††† Sanhedrin Tries Paul

Act 23:12††† Death Plot

Act 23:23††† to Felix in Caesarea

Act 24:1††††† Felix Hears Paul

Act 24:27††† Festus. Paul Appeals to Caesar.

Act 25:13††† King Agrippa, Bernice and Festus.

Act 26:1††††† Paulís Apologetic and Personal Testimony

Act 27:1††††† Sailing for Italy

Act 27:9††††† Prophesy of Shipwreck

Act 27:21††† Prophecy of Safety

Act 27:39††† Shipwreck on Malta. Hospitality.

Act 28:3††††† Snakebite with No Effect; Healing

Act 28:11††† Arrival in Rome

Act 28:17††† Roman Jews Divided. Isaiah.

Act 28:30††† Epilogue.Paul Teaches in Rome

Rom 1:1††††† Paulís Commission and Confidence to Preach the Gospel

Rom 1:8††††† Personal Desires to Visit

Rom 1:18††† Pagans Who Suppress the Truth: Consequences

Rom 2:1††††† Jews: Godís Standard of Judgment

Rom 2:12††† Gentiles Without the Law

Rom 2:17††† Preaching with Practice

Rom 3:1††††† Goodness of Law: Not in Acquittal But Conviction.

Rom 3:21††† all Have Sinned; God Justifies by Grace Through Faith in Christ

Rom 3:27††† Justified by Faith - Both Jew and Gentile

Rom 4:1††††† Faith of Abraham Reasoned As Righteous.

Rom 5:1††††† Peace with God Through Christ

Rom 5:8††††† Love: Christ Died for Us

Rom 5:12††† Sin and Death Through Adamís Trespass

Rom 5:15††† Grace and Life Through Christ

Rom 6:1††††† Baptism: Crucified with Christ, Newness of Life

Rom 6:12††† Slaves to Righteousness for Sanctification, Not Sin and Death.

Rom 7:1††††† Dead to the Law

Rom 7:7††††† Sin Uses Law for Death

Rom 7:14††† Wanting to Do Good, But Doing Evil

Rom 8:1††††† No Condemnation in Christ. Life by the Spirit.

Rom 8:14††† Children of God in the Holy Spirit

Rom 8:26††† the Spirit Helps Us Pray

Rom 8:28††† Love of God Triumphs Over all

Rom 9:1††††† Israel Misses the Promise with Works

Rom 10:1††† Salvation by Faith and Confessing Christ

Rom 10:14Faith From the Word of God

Rom 11:1††† God Chooses Israel: by Grace, a Remnant

Rom 11:11Unbelief of Israel Used to Save Gentiles

Rom 11:29God Unites all in Mercy.

Rom 12:1††† Sacrifice, Transformation, Pleasing God.

Rom 12:3††† One Body in Christ

Rom 12:9††† Virtue in Community

Rom 12:17Love of Enemy

Rom 13:1††† Respect for Authority

Rom 13:8††† Love of Neighbor Fulfills Law

Rom 13:11End Times - Live Rightly

Rom 14:1††† Conscience: Principles for Conflict Resolution

Rom 15:1††† Pleasing Our Neighbor, to Build Up

Rom 15:14Mission to the Gentiles

Rom 15:23Travel Plans

Rom 16:1††† Commendations

Rom 16:17Victory Over Dissensions

Rom 16:25Closing

1Co 1:1†††††† Salutation with Gratitude

1Co 1:10†††† Exhortation to Unity

1Co 1:17†††† Christ Crucified - Power and Wisdom of God

1Co 2:6†††††† Wisdom

1Co 3:1†††††† Immaturity

1Co 3:5†††††† Godís Co-Worker

1Co 3:10†††† Image of Building; Test by Fire

1Co 3:18†††† Becoming a Fool to Become Wise

1Co 4:1†††††† Standard of Judgment

1Co 4:7†††††† Gifts, Boasting, and Humility

1Co 5:1†††††† Rejecting Immoral Behavior

1Co 6:1†††††† Scandal of Civil Lawsuits

1Co 6:9†††††† Sins of the Body

1Co 7:1†††††† Chastity in Marriage

1Co 7:17†††† Remaining As Called

1Co 7:25†††† Virgins

1Co 8:1†††††† Food and Looking out for the Weak

1Co 9:1†††††† Paulís Claim on the Corinthians

1Co 9:16†††† Preaching the Gospel Free

1Co 9:24†††† Striving to Win the Victory

1Co 10:1†††† Exodus

1Co 10:16†† Eucharist Vs. Pagan Sacrifice

1Co 10:23†† Food and Looking out for the Weak II

1Co 11:3†††† Authority in Church

1Co 11:17†† Chaos at Church Gatherings

1Co 11:23†† Paulís Eucharistic Tradition

1Co 11:27†† Receiving Communion Worthily

1Co 12:1†††† Charisms

1Co 12:12†† Body of Christ

1Co 13:1†††† Hymn to Love

1Co 14:1†††† Prophecy and Tongues

1Co 15:1†††† the Gospel

1Co 15:12†† Resurrection

1Co 16:1†††† Alms

1Co 16:3†††† Travel

1Co 16:13†† Closing

2Co 1:3†††††† Divine Encouragement in Suffering

2Co 1:15†††† Explaining His Change of Plans

2Co 1:23†††† Anguish Over Correcting

2Co 2:12†††† Travel Experiences

2Co 3:1†††††† Letters of Spirit

2Co 3:7†††††† Ministry of Sinai Or of the Spirit

2Co 4:1†††††† Lordship of Christ, Service

2Co 4:6†††††† Light in Darkness, Treasure in Clay

2Co 5:13†††† the Love of Christ Impels Us

2Co 5:18†††† Ministry of Reconciliation

2Co 6:3†††††† Giving Good Example

2Co 6:11†††† Personal Appeal

2Co 6:14†††† Separation From Immorality

2Co 7:2†††††† Clearing Up Past Trouble

2Co 8:1†††††† Fundraising

2Co 10:1†††† Warning to Shape Up

2Co 10:9†††† Critics. Actions with Words.

2Co 11:1†††† Jealous Love for the Church

2Co 11:5†††† Paul Defends Himself

2Co 11:12†† Attack on False Apostles, Angel of Light.

2Co 11:16†† Foolish Talk, Boasting of Troubles

2Co 12:1†††† Visions, Power in Weakness

2Co 12:11†† I Want Not What Is Yours, But You.

2Co 12:19†† Assertiveness with Threats

2Co 13:11†† Last Appeal to Repent and Reconcile.

Gal 1:1††††††† Greeting with Divine Authority

Gal 1:6††††††† Abandoning the Gospel for Another

Gal 1:11††††† God Calls, Reveals Gospel to Paul.

Gal 1:18††††† Paul Confers Twicewith Other Apostles

Gal 2:11††††† Paul Corrects Peter in Public

Gal 2:15††††† Justified by Faith, Not Law - Even Jews

Gal 3:1††††††† Spirit and Justification by Faith

Gal 3:6††††††† Abraham and Faith; Children.

Gal 3:10††††† Curse From the Law

Gal 3:13††††† Ransomed From Curse by Christ, Gentiles Receive Blessing

Gal 3:15††††† Promises Vs. Law

Gal 3:23††††† the Law As Custodian for Faith

Gal 3:26††††† Children of God, Unity in Christ Through Faith.

Gal 4:8††††††† Falling Back Into Slavery

Gal 4:12††††† Be As I Am; Your Former Blessedness, Loyalty

Gal 4:16††††† Your Enemy by Telling the Truth

Gal 4:21††††† Law As Slavery of Hagar

Gal 5:1††††††† Freedom in Christ; Slavery and Separation in Law.

Gal 5:5††††††† Faith Working Through Love

Gal 5:7††††††† the Tempter

Gal 5:13††††† Freedom Not for the Flesh But Spirit

Gal 5:26††††† Virtues, Correction, Generosity, Perseverance, Charity.

Gal 6:11††††† Personal Appeal Against Circumcision

Gal 6:14††††† May I Never Boast Except in the Cross

Eph 1:3†††††† Chosen and Blessed in Christ

Eph 1:15†††† Prayer for Spirit of Wisdom and Enlightened Heart

Eph 2:1†††††† Dead in Sin, Alive by Grace

Eph 2:11†††† Peace by His Blood, Unity in His Body

Eph 3:1†††††† Inclusion of Gentiles - Paulís Special Inspiration

Eph 3:14†††† Prayer for Strength by the Spirit, Christ Indwelling

Eph 4:1†††††† Live Well, Humbly, Lovingly, Unified

Eph 4:11†††† Saints Equipped for Ministry, Living the Truth in Love

Eph 5:21†††† Household Order

Eph 6:10†††† Strength and Armor of God

Eph 6:21†††† News to Come Through Tychicus

Phi 1:1†††††††† Grace and Peace From God

Phi 1:3†††††††† Thanks for Partnership in Gospel

Phi 1:9†††††††† Prayer: Love, Knowledge, Purity, Fruit

Phi 1:12†††††† Paulís Witness in Difficulties

Phi 1:27†††††† Living Witness of Community

Phi 2:1†††††††† Unity, Virtue in Community

Phi 2:6†††††††† Christ Humble and Exalted

Phi 2:12†††††† Obedient, Blameless, Like Lights

Phi 2:19†††††† Sending Timothy, Epaphroditus

Phi 3:1†††††††† Rejoice

Phi 3:2†††††††† Beware of Judaizers

Phi 3:7†††††††† Knowing Christ Is Everything

Phi 3:12†††††† Straining Forward to God

Phi 3:17†††††† Imitators of Paul Vs. Enemies of the Cross

Phi 4:1†††††††† Reconcile, Make Up!

Phi 4:4†††††††† Rejoice! Pray. Peace.

Phi 4:8†††††††† Virtues

Phi 4:10†††††† Generosity - Joy and Gratitude

Phi 4:21†††††† Greetings

Col 1:3††††††† Thank God for Faith, Love, Hope

Col 1:9††††††† Prayer to Know Godís Will

Col 1:13††††† all Created in and for Christ

Col 1:20††††† Reconciled and Sanctified by Blood & Body

Col 1:24††††† Mystery of Christ, Rejoice in Sufferings

Col 2:4††††††† Warning: Seductive Human Philosophy

Col 2:9††††††† Divine Fulness in Christ

Col 2:11††††† Buried and Raised with Christ I

Col 2:16††††† False Asceticism

Col 3:1††††††† Buried and Raised II: Seek What Is Above

Col 3:5††††††† Mortification, End of Vice

Col 3:12††††† Virtues, Riches of the Word

Col 3:18††††† Family Order

Col 3:22††††† From the Heart for the Lord

Col 4:2††††††† Pray with Thanks, Preach the Word

Col 4:7††††††† Messengers Sent. Hello From Friends.

1Th 1:1†††††† Grace and Thanks

1Th 1:5†††††† the Gospel: Word and Power

1Th 2:1†††††† Evangelizing by Paul

1Th 2:13†††† Word of God Received: Thanks!

1Th 2:14†††† Persecutions, Difficulties & Afflictions

1Th 3:5†††††† Faith of Thess. Confirmed

1Th 3:9†††††† Gratitude for Joy & Prayer for Love

1Th 4:1†††††† Pleasing God with Purity in Marriage

1Th 4:9†††††† Loving One Another, Work Ethic

1Th 4:13†††† Hope in the Resurrection & Parousia

1Th 5:1†††††† the Parousia

1Th 5:4†††††† Children of Light, Alert, Sober

1Th 5:12†††† Respect Authority in the Church

1Th 5:14†††† Exhorting Others, Rejoice, Pray, Thank

1Th 5:23†††† Prayer for Holiness & Blamlessness

1Th 5:26†††† Greet all with a Holy Kiss

2Th 1:1†††††† Greeting & Thanks for Faith & Love

2Th 1:4†††††† Afflictions and Divine Vengeance

2Th 1:11†††† Prayer for Worthiness, Fulfillment & Glory

2Th 2:1†††††† Parousia: Not Yet

2Th 2:3†††††† Apostasy, the Lawless One

2Th 2:13†††† God Chose You As Firstfruits of Salvation

2Th 2:16†††† Prayer for Encouragement & Strength

2Th 3:1†††††† Prayer for Love & Endurance

2Th 3:6†††††† Shun Disordered and Lazy Brethren

2Th 3:16†††† Prayer for Peace & Grace

1Ti 1:3††††††† Teaching Love, Not Vain Discussion

1Ti 1:8††††††† Law Is to Bind the Lawless

1Ti 1:12††††† Paul, a Sinner, Serves Christ, Merciful

1Ti 1:18††††† Fight Well, Holding Faith, Clear Conscience

1Ti 2:1††††††† Prayer Urged for all

1Ti 2:3††††††† God Desires all to Be Saved by Christ the One Mediator

1Ti 2:9††††††† Women: Modesty, Silence, Submission

1Ti 3:1††††††† Bishopís Character

1Ti 3:8††††††† Deaconís Character

1Ti 3:14††††† the Gospel in Brief

1Ti 4:1††††††† Deceptions Over Marriage & Food

1Ti 4:6††††††† Training in Godliness

1Ti 4:11††††† Authority, Good Example, Scripture

1Ti 5:1††††††† Relations with Others

1Ti 5:3††††††† Widows

1Ti 5:17††††† Honor Due Elders

1Ti 5:20††††† Correcting Sinners

1Ti 6:1††††††† Respect Among Slaves

1Ti 6:3††††††† Contentiousness

1Ti 6:6††††††† Love of Money Root of all Evils

1Ti 6:11††††† Virtue & the Good Fight

1Ti 6:17††††† Rich: Do Good, Be Generous

1Ti 6:20††††† Guard Your Charge, Avoid Arguments

2Ti 1:1††††††† Blessing & Prayers

2Ti 1:3††††††† Rekindle the Gift: Power, Love, Self-Control

2Ti 1:8††††††† Testifying to Christ with Sufferings

2Ti 1:15††††† Paulís Disappointments & Joys in Others

2Ti 2:1††††††† Dying & Rising with Christ, Endurance in Suffering

2Ti 2:14††††† Avoid Arguments

2Ti 2:19††††† Godís Foundation, Vessels of Purity

2Ti 2:23††††† Avoid Arguments, Correct Gently

2Ti 3:1††††††† Stressful Times; Form of Religion W/O Power

2Ti 3:10††††† Paulís Example

2Ti 3:14††††† Scripture for Training in Righteousness

2Ti 4:1††††††† Charged to Preach the Word, Convince, Console

2Ti 4:6††††††† Paul Near the Finish

2Ti 4:9††††††† Timothy to Visit Paul

Tit 1:1†††††††† Paulís Purpose: Preaching Truth for Eternal Life

Tit 1:5†††††††† Titusí Appointment of Presbyters

Tit 1:10†††††† Rebuke & Silence Troublemakers

Tit 2:1†††††††† Teach Morals

Tit 2:11†††††† Grace for Salvation

Tit 2:15†††††† Declare & Reprove with Authority

Tit 3:3†††††††† Grace Justifies; Our Former Foolishness

Tit 3:12†††††† Plans for Meetings

Phm 1:4†††††† Prayer: Thanks & Knowing Good in Christ

Phm 1:7†††††† Paulís Appreciation for Philemonís Love

Phm 1:8†††††† Appeal for Onesimus

Phm 1:22†††† Plans to Visit, Greetings

Heb 1:1†††††† the Son, Envoy & Heir of God

Heb 2:1†††††† the Messenger Demands Our Attention

Heb 2:5†††††† all Subjected to Christ

Heb 2:10†††† Christ Perfect & Compassionate Through Suffering

Heb 3:1†††††† Jesus Faithful High Priest

Heb 3:7†††††† Listen with Hearts Not Hardened

Heb 4:1†††††† Rest Entered by Faith and Obedience

Heb 4:12†††† the Word of God Living & Active

Heb 5:1†††††† Christ High Priest Learned Obedience by Suffering

Heb 5:11†††† You Are Dull of Hearing, Immature

Heb 6:1†††††† on to Maturity

Heb 6:4†††††† Relapse a Disaster

Heb 6:9†††††† Perseverance in Service & Hope

Heb 6:13†††† Promise to Abraham - Hope

Heb 6:19†††† Hope Sure by Jesus High Priest

Heb 7:1†††††† Melchisedek & Abraham

Heb 7:11†††† Priesthood of Levi Superceded by Melchisedek

Heb 7:18†††† Priesthood of Christ

Heb 8:1†††††† New Covenant Supercedes Old

Heb 9:1†††††† Worship Under First Covenant

Heb 9:6†††††† Sacrifices & Atonement of OT

Heb 9:11†††† Atonement in Blood of Christ

Heb 9:15†††† Mediator of a New Covenant

Heb 9:23†††† Chirst a Priest in the Heavenly Sanctuary

Heb 10:1†††† the Law, a Shadow, Canít Perfect

Heb 10:5†††† Sacrifice of Body & Will of Christ

Heb 10:11†† Sacrifice of Christ ďOnce for allĒ

Heb 10:19†† Our Confidence to Enter Sanctuary by the Blood of Jesus

Heb 10:26†† Relapse & Consequences

Heb 10:32†† Suffering, Perseverance, Reward

Heb 11:1†††† Faith, Assurance of Things Hoped for

Heb 11:4†††† Abel, Enoch, Noah

Heb 11:8†††† Abraham & Sarah

Heb 11:13†† Dying in Faith Before Receiving

Heb 11:17†† Abrahamís Sacrifice of Isaac; Jacob, Joseph

Heb 11:23†† Moses & Exodus

Heb 11:30†† Conquest, Rahab, David, Prophets

Heb 12:1†††† Jesus Initiates & Completes

Heb 12:5†††† Correction Taken Well

Heb 12:14†† Strive for Peace & Holiness

Heb 12:18†† No Fear: City of God, Angels & Saints

Heb 12:25†† Do Not Refuse God!

Heb 13:1†††† Morals: Hospitality, Marriage, No Greed

Heb 13:7†††† Avoid Divergent Teachings on Sacrifice & Food

Heb 13:15†† Sacrifice of Praise, Goods

Heb 13:17†† Obey Leaders

Heb 13:18†† Prayer: God Equip You to Do His Will

Heb 13:22†† Closing

Jam 1:2††††††† Trials with Faith, Perseverance, and Joy

Jam 1:5††††††† Asking for Wisdom in Faith, Not Doubting

Jam 1:9††††††† Lowly Or Rich

Jam 1:12††††† Perseverance in Temptation

Jam 1:16††††† Good Gifts From the Father

Jam 1:19††††† Quick to Hear, Slow to Speak, Slow to Anger

Jam 1:22††††† Doers of the Word in Compassion and Purity

Jam 2:1††††††† Against Favoring the Rich

Jam 2:10††††† Judged by the Law of Freedom; Mercy Triumphs

Jam 2:14††††† Faith and Good Works

Jam 3:1††††††† Teachers Judged More Strictly

Jam 3:3††††††† Evils in Speaking

Jam 3:13††††† Wisdom From Above: Pure, Peaceable, Gentle

Jam 4:1††††††† Greed in Conflict

Jam 4:6††††††† Humble Yourself and God Will Exalt You

Jam 4:11††††† Do Not Judge Your Neighbor

Jam 4:13††††† Presumptuous Boasting, Sin of Neglect

Jam 5:1††††††† Rich People in Big Trouble

Jam 5:7††††††† Patience with God and Neighbor

Jam 5:13††††† Prayer for Healing, Praise, Repentance; Power in Righteousness

1Pe 1:3††††††† New Birth to Living Hope Through Resurrection

1Pe 1:13††††† Holy Living

1Pe 1:17††††† Ransomed by the Blood of Christ

1Pe 1:22††††† Love One Another Intensely From a Pure Heart

1Pe 2:4††††††† Living Stones

1Pe 2:9††††††† Royal Priesthood

1Pe 2:12††††† Moral Witness to Non-Believers

1Pe 2:19††††† Suffering for Doing Good Is Grace. Christ Suffered for You

1Pe 3:1††††††† Order for Women and Men

1Pe 3:8††††††† Loving, Humble Even in Face of Unjust Suffering

1Pe 4:1††††††† Living Rightly

1Pe 4:12††††† Rejoice in Sharing Christís Sufferings

1Pe 5:1††††††† Elders, Take Good Care of the Flock

1Pe 5:5††††††† Humility

1Pe 5:7††††††† Leaving Worries to God, Who Cares About You

1Pe 5:12††††† Closing

2Pe 1:3††††††† Life of Love and Virtue

2Pe 1:10††††† Firming Up Our Salvation

2Pe 1:13††††† Peter Aware of His Coming Death

2Pe 1:16††††† the Gospel NOT a Myth Ė Author An Eyewitness

2Pe 1:19††††† Prophetic Message We Possess Is Reliable

2Pe 2:1††††††† False Prophets Denying the Master, Immoral

2Pe 3:1††††††† This Letter to Stir Up Sincerity

2Pe 3:3††††††† Second Coming of Christ; Scoffers, Skeptical About Delay

2Pe 3:11††††† Living in Holiness, Expecting the End.

2Pe 3:15††††† Salvation Through Patience, As Paul Wrote.

2Pe 3:17††††† Final Warning

1Jo 1:1††††††† We Saw and Touched the Word of Life

1Jo 1:5††††††† God Is Light; Walking in Light Brings Fellowship

1Jo 1:8††††††† Sin Acknowledged Is Expiated and Forgiven.

1Jo 2:3††††††† Sure by Keeping Commandments

1Jo 2:9††††††† Love in Light, Hatred in Darkness

1Jo 2:12††††† to Children, Fathers, Youth

1Jo 2:15††††† Do Not Love the World

1Jo 2:18††††† Now the Last Hour

1Jo 2:22††††† Denying Christ

1Jo 2:24††††† Remaining

1Jo 3:1††††††† Children of God Now

1Jo 3:3††††††† Purity and Righteousness

1Jo 3:10††††† Difference of Godís Children Vs. Devilís: Love

1Jo 3:19††††† Confidence Before God

1Jo 4:1††††††† Discernment of Spirits

1Jo 4:7††††††† God Is Love

1Jo 4:14††††† Acknowledging Jesus, God Remains

1Jo 4:20††††† Love of Brother

1Jo 5:6††††††† Spirit, Water, Blood

1Jo 5:13††††† Know That You Have Eternal Life. Prayer.

2Jo 1:5††††††† Love One Another

2Jo 1:7††††††† Deceivers Deny Christ Coming in Flesh

2Jo 1:9††††††† Shun False Teachers

2Jo 1:12††††† Hope to Visit

3Jo 1:3††††††† Walking in the Truth

3Jo 1:5††††††† Helping Others

3Jo 1:9††††††† Dissenters

3Jo 1:11††††† Imitate the Good

3Jo 1:13††††† Hope to See You Soon

Jud 1:1††††††† Mercy, Peace, Love

Jud 1:3††††††† Perversion of Gospel with Licentiousness

Jud 1:5††††††† Destruction of Immoral: Egypt, Angels, Sodom

Jud 1:8††††††† Heretics: Revile, Defile

Jud 1:14††††† Enochís Prophecy of Vengeance

Jud 1:17††††† Warnings: Scoffing, Division

Jud 1:20††††† Build Up Faith, Pray in Holy Spirit

Jud 1:24††††† Glory to God Who Preserves You

Rev 1:1††††††† Introduction and Salutation

Rev 1:9††††††† a Vision of Christ

Rev 2:1††††††† Ephesus

Rev 2:8††††††† Smyrna

Rev 2:12††††† Pergamum

Rev 2:18††††† Thyatira

Rev 3:1††††††† Sardis

Rev 3:7††††††† Philadelphia

Rev 3:14††††† Laodicea

Rev 4:1††††††† Heavenly Worship

Rev 5:1††††††† Scroll and the Lamb

Rev 6:1††††††† Book with Seven Seals

Rev 7:1††††††† 144,000 of Israel Sealed

Rev 7:9††††††† Multitude From Every Nation

Rev 8:1††††††† Seventh Seal and the Golden Censer

Rev 8:6††††††† Seven Trumpets

Rev 10:1††††† Little Scroll, Sweet and Bitter

Rev 11:1††††† Two Witnesses

Rev 11:15††† Last and Seventh Trumpet

Rev 12:1††††† Woman and Dragon

Rev 12:7††††† Michael Defeats the Dragon in Heaven

Rev 12:13††† Dragon Fights Again on Earth

Rev 12:18††† First Beast

Rev 13:11††† Second Beast

Rev 14:1††††† the Lamb and the 144,000

Rev 14:6††††† Three Angelsí Messages

Rev 14:14††† Reaping the Earth's Harvest

Rev 15:1††††† Song of Victory

Rev 16:1††††† God's Wrath

Rev 17:1††††† the Great Whore and the Beast

Rev 18:1††††† Babylon Falls

Rev 19:1††††† Rejoicing in Heaven

Rev 19:11††† the Word of God Goes to Battle

Rev 19:17††† the Beast and Its Armies Defeated

Rev 20:1††††† Thousand Years

Rev 20:7††††† Satan's Doom

Rev 20:11††† Judgment of the Dead

Rev 21:1††††† New Heaven and New Earth

Rev 21:9††††† New Jerusalem

Rev 22:1††††† River of Life

Rev 22:8††††† Epilogue and Blessing