Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit

I.  Grace: Its Rise, Use and Fruit

A.  For salvation: knowing the truth by Law and exercising virtue by Grace

B.  Rise of Grace

1.  Incarnate Word

2.  Crucified Word

3.  Inspired Word

C.  Use of Grace

1.  Faithful in Respect to God

2.  Virile in Itself

3.  Liberal Unto One's Neighbor

D.  Fruit of Grace

1.  Remission of Fault

2.  Fullness of Justice

3.  Attainment of Eternal Beatitude

II.  Fear of the Lord

A.  Review of Conference I

B.  Seven Sins Impugned through the Seven Gifts

C.  Charisms and the Lord's Prayer

D.  Origin

1.  Sublimity of the Divine Power

2.  Perspicacity of the Divine Wisdom

3.  Severity of the Divine Vengeance

4.  Seven are God's Judgments

E.  Usefulness in Fearing God

1.  Impetrate the Influence of Divine Grace

2.  Introduce the Rectitude of Divine Justice

3.  Obtain the Brightening of Divine Wisdom

F.  Perfection of the Fear of God

1.  Sanctification or Cleansing-out of the Conscience

2.  Promptitude of Obedience

3.  Firmness of Trust

III.  Piety

A.  Exercise of Piety

1.  Reverence of Divine Veneration

2.  Custody of Intrinsic Sanctification

3.  Overflowing of Internal Pity

B.  The Original Principle of Piety

1.  Uncreated Trinity

2.  Incarnate Wisdom

3.  Holy Mother Church

C.  Utility of the Gift of Piety

1.  Acquainted with True Things

2.  Prevails to Turn Away All Evils

3.  Successfully Pursue Every Good

IV.  Knowledge

A.  Illumination

B.  Philosophical Knowledge

C.  Theological Knowledge

D.  Sacred Scripture is Compared to the Water of the Sea

1.  Profundity of Mysteries

2.  Multiformity of Senses

3.  Stabilizing of the Churches

E.  Gratuitous Knowledge

1.  Given by the Holy Spirit

F.  Glorious Knowledge

V.  Fortitude

A.  A Strong Woman: the Church

B.  The One Giving It

1.  God Protecting

2.  God Redeeming

3.  God Indwelling

C.  Through What is the Soul Disposed

1.  Inexpungable Shield of Faith

2.  Imperturbable Solace of Hope

3.  Inexstinguishable Kindling of Charity

D.  For what Purpose

E.  Accomplish Manly Works

F.  Cast Down the Powers of the Air

G.  Endure Worldly Tribulations

VI.  Fortitude II

A.  Fecundity of Supernatural Conceiving: the Price

B.  In Sanctity Mary Brought forth the Price

1.  Incorrupt Chastity

2.  Prompt Obedience

3.  Full Benevolence

C.  Price of Sin

1.  The Fornicating Woman as a Harlot

a.  Snare for Those Looking at Her

b.  Net to those Desiring and Consenting to Her

c.  Chains to those Grasping her Hands

D.  In Piety She Payed Off that Price as a Strong and Pious Woman

1.  Divine Veneration

2.  Compassion for Christ

3.  Mercy for the World

E.  She Possesses that Price Glorified in Heaven Strong and Strenuous

F.  Fighting in a Manly Manner

G.  Triumphing in a Noble Manner

H.  Reigning in a Sublime Manner

VII.  Counsel

A.  A Monk Devoted to the Virgin finds Reprieve

B.  Counsel's Proper Act

1.  Instructed to Discern

2.  Raised to Choose

3.  Helped to Seek

C.  She Sought Wool and Flax

D.  Regulated according to the Dictate of Divinely:

1.  Instituted Laws

2.  Inspired Reasons

3.  Inspired Men

E.  Christ, the Good Counselor

F.  Evil Counselor

1.  Converts Great Things into Nothing

2.  Converts Good Things into Evil

3.  Reduces Certain Things into Doubt

VIII.  Understanding

A.  Disposition to Take Up the Gift

1.  Holiness of Life

2.  Manageability of Meekness

3.  Capturing of (his) Intelligence

B.  Radiation of the Intelligence

C.  Rule of Moral Circumspections

1.  Prudential Understanding

a.  To Be Avoided

b.  To Be Followed

c.  To Be Expected

D.  Door of Sciential Considerations

1.  Dictate of Nature

2.  Frequency of Experience

3.  Brightening through a Divine Influence

E.  Three Things to Beware of

1.  Destroys the Cause of Existing

2.  Fatal Necessity - Astrology

3.  Understand the Intellect in an Evil Manner

F.  Key of the Contemplation

IX.  Wisdom

A.  Seek the Things Which are Above

B.  The Wisdom from Above Descends to:

1.  Illumine Our Cognitive Power

2.  Gladden Our Affective (power)

3.  Strengthen Our Operative (power)

C.  Wisdom Builds Her Own House, Seven Columns

1.  Purity in the Flesh

2.  Innocence in the Mind

3.  Moderation in Speech

4.  Persuasibility in Affection

5.  Liberality in Effect

6.  Maturity in Judgment

7.  Simplicity in Intention