A ‘testament’ is a lot of things.  It is a witness to what one believes, and what one wants, not just for themselves, but for the people they hold most dear.  It has special meaning after their death, when we call it a “last will and testament.’  Steve was studying about the “New Testament” with us, and what it meant for him.  He wrote down his personal stance about it, little knowing that this would be one of the last things he would ever write. Steve met his death while crossing a street at night in Florence.  It is a beautiful and inspired witness to his faith, and the hope he had in Jesus his Savior.  Here is ‘Steve’s Testament’:



Steve Wolf

New Testament

Position Paper


The New Testament tells many different stories of Jesus' life. In each one He is presented in a different light. Sometimes He is healing someone and other times He's telling a parable to teach a lesson. There are also recounts of Him performing miracles. Miracles cannot be explained through science or technology. They defy the natural laws. It's in human nature to somewhat exaggerate stories to get the main point across or just to make someone look greater than they actually were. When this occurs, then the recount becomes a work of fiction. However, even though some of the stories of Jesus' life may be hard to believe, I still believe that they're true.


One day, Jesus was being swarmed by a big group of people. Everyone was trying to touch Him so that they would be healed. One woman had been bleeding for 12 years. She snuck up, touched his robe, and was instantly healed. She tried to slip out of the crowd, but Jesus noticed that someone had touched Him because He felt power leave Him. He asked who did it, but at first no one answered, but then she came forward, scared. Jesus told her that her faith had healed her and for her to go home.


Jesus was sent to earth to save us. He died so that what were missing could be filled. In a sense He healed us. Therefore, it isn't to far fetched that people would be instantly healed by simply touching Him. The most interesting aspect of this story is that, even though probably hundreds of people had been crowding around Jesus, He pointed out one individual who had touched Him. He probably did this because she was the only one who was hesitant about being healed. Her plan was to sneak up, touch Jesus, and slip out unnoticed, maybe because she felt that she was too unclean and shouldn't be anywhere near Jesus.


Jesus had 2 loaves of bread and 3 fish to feed thousands of people. He said a prayer over them and when the disciples finished passing it all out, there were actually baskets full of leftovers. This is one of the hardest stories in the New Testament to believe. I can't understand how the disciples kept reaching into the basket holding 2 loaves of bread and 3 fish and not only ever run out, but to actually have leftovers? How does the food keep coming back? Every time they reached in, they pulled food out. I'm not God so 1 really can't understand. He is infinite and I'm finite. Similar as to how God created the world from nothingness, Jesus created more food from almost nowhere. With Jesus, anything is possible. He is always in control.


When Judas turned Jesus over to the Romans in the garden, Peter cut off one of the priests' ears. He did this because he told Jesus that he would go to jail with Him. However, Jesus told Peter that he wasn't going to go to jail with Him beforehand. Jesus healed the man's ear so that if no damage was done, Peter couldn't be guilty of anything so he wouldn't go to jail. It was rather arrogant of Peter to think that he could something that Jesus said that he wasn't going to do. This further proves that Jesus is control. What He says is what will happen and what he wills shall happen. Jesus told Pontius Pilate that he had no power over Him. Jesus was in control then and even in the garden.


One of the many reasons why Jesus has set himself apart from everyone, religious or otherwise, that have come before or after Him, is that He always practiced what He preached. His entire life He preached that we should love our neighbor, turn the other cheek, and forgive each other. During the hardest part of His life, Jesus stayed true to His teachings. While He was carrying the cross and being whipped and mocked and laughed at, He never once cracked. He didn't get mad at anyone. Instead, He forgave them. He asked those who were crying for Him to cry for others. Even while He was hanging, dying on the cross, He was still forgiving people. Jesus said that the greatest thing a person could do for his fellow man is to lay down his life. Jesus sacrificed His so that we could have eternal life.


It takes more than just a special person to do what Jesus did. Only the savior of the world could pull it off.  I would expect no less of the savior. If the savior of the world can't practice what he preaches, then he isn't the true one. But Jesus did exactly as He said we should act. No matter how badly or unjustly Jesus was treated, He always came through. Jesus provides the goal that we should all strive to reach.


The hardest to thing believe about the Christian faith is that Jesus rose from the dead, but at the same time, is our most important belief. If Jesus didn't, then Christianity would be a shame and all of our beliefs would be worth nothing. Jesus was the perfect person. He lived exactly as God wants all of us to live. Since we sin, we can't be exactly like Jesus. We as humans aren't complete. Jesus died so that we could be completed. Jesus came to us, fulfilled the prophecies, died for us, and was resurrected. Jesus will resurrect us all when the proper time comes for him to bring about the Kingdom of God.