Antonietta Meo


Her Life

Antonietta (nicknamed Nennolina), a young girl in love with Jesus and Mary, lived in Rome during the 1930's.  Born on December 15, 1930, she was baptized on the Feast of the Holy Innocents.  Her parish church was "Holy Cross in Jerusalem" and her grade school was taught by nuns devoted to the Sacred Heart.  She was a model not only of tender affection but also great courage and compassion.  She suffered terribly but patiently with cancer from the age of five, lost a leg by amputation, and passed away before her seventh birthday. Her cause for beatification being pursued in Rome.


Her Works

She began to express her inspirations with little ‘love letters’ to Jesus when only 5 and a half years old,  at first dictating to her mother and later putting pen to paper herself.  She authored many letters over a period of a few months, sometimes several in one day. They are beautiful and inspirational in their warm and affectionate expression of the love of an innocent and pure child’s heart.


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